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Latest Book Projects:


The Ocean Handbook. Coming in Fall, 2020. From Chronicle Books.

Surfing: 1778-Present. Co-Author, alongside Matt Warshaw, Steve Barilotti, Drew Kampion, Peter Westwick and Peter Neushul: Edited by Jim Heimann. Released in February, 2016. From Taschen Books.


Released Fall, 2016. Paperback version of Ghost Wave. The Discovery of Cortes Bank and the Biggest Wave on Earth.


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The Washington Post

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Men's Health Magazine

The Wirecutter

Garden & Gun Magazine

Outside Magazine


The Scuttlefish


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MARCH 2014

The Danger Zone - When adventure cameras kill.
Questionable use of wearable cams is causing a surge in accidents


Return to the Cortes Bank
Greg Long faces fear and beauty at the spot that nearly ended his life.  Jan 29, 2014.

Garden & Gun Magazine
Collections: Handheld History

Dec/Jan 2014
For a Charleston builder, old tools reveal the secrets of the craftsmen who came before him.
by Chris Dixon

Surfer Magazine

December, 2013

Burning rubber through the dirty South…

The Surfer’s Journal
Service Entrance.
Jon Rose Trades Waves for Water.

November/December, 2013

Following a pro surfer turned disaster relief veteran through a ruined landscape.



 Garden & Gun Magazine

Land of the Lost
Aug/Sept 2013

How one farmer has traveled the South to find and save the disappearing breeds of our past—one goat, sheep, cow, pig, and goose at a time

Conservation: Turtle Squad - April/May 2013
Description: Description:
When John Rucker and his Boykins head out, reptile researchers pay heed.

The Shell Hunter:
February/March 2013

For one Civil War relic collector, the past can be very much alive.

Force of Nature.
June 2008 By: Chris Dixon

Beau Turner controls two million acres of forest and ranch land. Thankfully, he'd like to see much of it restored to its natural state


The Wild Bunch
Charleston City Portrait - The culture and soul of Charleston, South Carolina

By: Chris Dixon
April 2008
People once scoffed at their dreams of a nearly unbroken rural greenbelt surrounding Charleston, or of vast wildlife and estuarine refuge areas stretching from Georgetown County clear to the Savannah River. Not anymore.



Chris Dixon’s Outside Author Page

Greg Long's Latest Brush With Death – April/2013
One of the greatest big-wave surfers alive nearly died on a 50-footer in December. Now many in the surfing world are blaming another heavyweight—and the jet-powered board he was riding.
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No Bull: Dissecting 'The One That Got Away'
- July 2012

Description: ull shark.
When a YouTube video showing a "big-ass" shark snatching a tasty red drum off the end of a fishing pole went viral last week, Chris Dixon, who lives on the water in the area, wondered if he should be more concerned. He spoke to Arnold Postell, a senior biologist at the South Carolina Aquarium, to find out.

Big-Wave Paddle Battle
MARCH 19, 2012
In the wake of a controversial ESPN interview, big wave surfers tell Laird Hamilton to put up or shut up

The Surfer’s Journal

Palmetto Cocktail. Fall '12.
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:dixoncj:Desktop:Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 5.06.05 PM.png
Journey down to Charleston, South Carolina, where Chris Dixon makes sense of life amid flag-waving confederates, hospitable lineups, and seldom probed outer islands.

A Deafening Silence. Winter '12.

It was called Zoo and it was the best wave on Jamaica. But in 2004, Hurricane Ivan strafed the island. Zoo was one of the storm’s untold casualties until Chris Dixon sat down with Billy Wilmot, who pioneered the break, grew to acclaim because of it, and then found himself stranded in the lineup on its dying day.


Southeastern writer/researcher
Skip Film Productions, Los Angeles






Author: Ghost Wave. The Discovery of Cortes Bank and the Biggest Wave on Earth.
By Chris Dixon
Published by Chronicle Books, Nov. 2011
Description: Description:
Ghost Wave Trailer on YouTube
Ghost Wave on Amazon:
Formats: Hardcover, Kindle Read by the Author.
80+ Reviews – 4.5 Stars…
Ghost Wave takes us to a place of almost mythic power and tells a story that unfolds like a long ride on a killer wave. I can’t imagine doing what those surfers are doing out there on Cortes Bank—and I can’t imagine a finer book about them. This is a beautifully researched and compellingly written book. I read it straight through from the first page. Terrifying.’  - Sebastian Junger, Author of The Perfect Storm

The Southerner's Handbook -
A Guide to Living the Good Life

A New York Times Bestseller
November, 2013
Contributing Editor/Writer.
By The Editors of Garden & Gun
Published by Harper Collins
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The New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA & Canada
A New York Times Bestseller
Contributing Editor/Writer.

November, 2011

The Big Juice: Epic Tales of Big Wave Surfing.
Edited by Sam George and John Long. Writer/Contributing Editor:
Published by Falcon Guides, November, 2011.

Description: he Big Juice: Epic Tales of Big Wave Surfing

Related news:

Surfers Defy Giant Waves Awakened by Storm.
My New York Times story that provided the spark for Ghost Wave.  

October 19, 2012
The New York Times:
Hanging 10 on Screen With Real Surfers
Gerard Butler in the Surfing Movie ‘Chasing Mavericks’

Early on the morning of Dec. 19, 1994, a surfer named Jeff Clark stood alongside a few friends on a high bluff just outside Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, Calif., watching 40-foot waves crash onto the reef at the big-wave surf spot known as Mavericks.

New York Times
January, 2011
King of Big Waves, Greg Long Helps Return Focus to Paddle Surfing

Taking Abalonia
November 2010:
I traveled to the Bank with Greg Long, Mike Parsons, Shane Dorian, Ian Walsh, Maverick's founding father Jeff Clark and the man who once tried to turn the Bank into an island in 1966 by sinking a huge ship atop it. We witnessed huge tow-in and paddle surfing.

The Surfer’s Journal.
High Noon at Bishop Rock.
A Paddle-Only Assault on the Cortes Bank. December: 2009.
“When we were here the last time,” Greg Long says sweeping his arm towards the clanging bell buoy atop the Bishop Rock, “it was a whiteout the whole length of the reef. And all the way up, I mean, you know how long the Bank is, there were waves spotting and breaking all the way down right up to here in front of us. You could see waves breaking in slow motion, five miles away.”

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Men's Journal


By Chris Dixon; Men's Journal, March 2008
It was the most intense surf big-wave riders had ever seen, with record swells from Hawaii to California.
But for Peter Davi, a paddle-surfing traditionalist amid a rising tide of tow-in surfers, it would be his last. (4,450 words)

The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC

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A Year on the Road with Jimmy Buffett.
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