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SURFER Magazine. Pressure Drop/Surfing Jamaica.- August, 2001

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The Surf Report/Surfer Travel Reports
Worldwide Surf Travel Guides and News Reports
Editor/Publisher of over 16 Issues: 1997-1999

Surf Report, Southern North Carolina: Researched, written and edited by Chris Dixon.

Cape Verde Islands Report

El Salvador Report

Nicaragua Report Travel Guides -- South Carolina and Georgia Coasts

Exhaustive, 8000 word overviews of everything a surfer would need to know to visit these states.

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Various Magazine Articles.


Esquire, UK.
Contributing Writer, 1993-1995.

Cry Freedom. American gun owndership and gun crime statististics.

Esquire UK: Monster Truck Racing.

An interview with several drivers.

Esquire UK: Beyond the Gutter.

An interview with Weekly World News editor, Eddie Clontz.

Esquire UK: Other People's Pets.

An over-the-top guide to getting rid of the neighbor's dog.
Esquire UK: Big In Japan .

A catalog of truly bizarre Japanese inventions.

Esquire UK: Single Track Mind.
A mountain bike trip to North Carolina.
Words and Photos.
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Esquire UK: Get Some Virtual Therapy.
Virtual Reality treatment for phobias.

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Bike Magazine. Contributing Editor.
Going Home. Love and Loss in Georgia.
October, 2000 (words and photos)

Velo News. The Journal of Competitive Cycling

King Reigns, Tomac, DeMattei Storm Georgia. National Mountain Bike Series Coverage.

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Goofy Foot Surf School, Maui

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