THE CALIFORNIA RECALL: VOTERS; Recall Just Who Started This Thing,If You Will


By CHRIS DIXON By The New York Times




The party at the Los Angeles Century Plaza hotel got rolling at 4p.m. Tuesday. It was a party for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but DarrellIssa, the millionaire congressman who bankrolled the effort to oustGov. Gray Davis, was greeted as recall royalty.


Mr. Issa wore a button-down shirt and navy blazer, brought his ownsound bites and was surrounded by reporters as he arrived at theparty.



''I have a line if you want it,'' Mr. Issa said as he stood besidea long platform crammed with cameras in a large auditorium: ''Mycandidate can beat Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante with one McClintocktied behind his back.''


A former candidate himself, Mr. Issa had ridden the bus with Mr.Schwarzenegger on his campaign blitz through California. But fame isephemeral, and Mr. Issa's moment soon passed. About 6 p.m., areporter found him standing by himself amid the mayhem. Asked if hefound it unusual to be left alone, Mr. Issa replied, ''I was on thestage at every rally, and I've never done fewer than five TV shows aday.''


Then he pinched the reporter's cheek and said: ''But you've beenmissing me, and I'm mad. By the way, that was a grope.'' CHRIS DIXON